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2400 x 600mm Moisture Resistant T & G Chipboard

8' x 2'

2400 x 600mm Moisture Resistant T & G Chipboard

Product Code: 82tgc



2400 x 600mm Moisture Resistant T & G Chipboard

T & G Flooring Grade Chipboard or P5 is a moisture resistant structural grade flooring grade board. It is used generally in flooring applications as the construction of the board adds strength when boards are slotted together and screwed or nailed down to floor joists. It can be used in all general flooring applications, kitchens and bathrooms included. It is suitable for domestic applications and has a sanded smooth surface and will accept all types of floor covering. Also because of the density of the product it helps with insulation when used with a suitable acoustic or thermal slab type insulation. The narrow sheet size enables the product to be handled easily particularly in tight spaces such as lofts.

Key features

  • T&G profile edges
  • Smooth surface
  • Easily cut
  • Moisture resistant
  • Structural application
  • Accepts most coverings
  • Easily veneered or decorated



A generous amount of Adhesive should be applied directly into the groove of the board. Position board and close joints tightly. Ensure a small bead of Adhesive is forced out of the joint on both the top and bottom of the board along the entire length of the joint. Any excess adhesive can be wiped away using a damp cloth. You are now left with a sealed joint. Panels are glued to the joists and noggins using the adhesive and fixed using 10 gauge annular ring-shank nails of length 2.5 times the thickness of the panel, nails should be positioned 25 mm from each corner and edge of the board and then at equidistant points in between at a rate of four nails per joist. Nails should be hammered flush with the surface of the panel. All nail runs and exposed edges around the perimeter should be immediately painted with adhesive, this operation must be carried out in dry conditions.