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3050 x 1220mm Medite Tricoya® Extreme FSC®

10' x 4'

3050 x 1220mm Medite Tricoya® Extreme FSC®

Product Code: 10418tri



3050 x 1220mm Medite Tricoya® Extreme Engineered Wood Panel FSC®



About Medite Tricoya®

Medite Tricoya is a completely new, innovative form of panel product. It demonstrates outstanding durability and stability in the most extreme and challenging environments – both exterior as well as interior wet applications. The product uses proprietary acetylation wood technology and a modified fibre board manufacturing process to create a wood panel product with outstanding durability and stability. Medite Tricoya was developed by challenging the most fundamental reason for wood swelling and decay: water adsorption onto hygroscopic wood fibres due to the presence of hydroxyl groups. The hydroxyl groups (water loving sites) can bind or release water molecules causing wood to swell or shrink.


Medite Tricoya is a new class of durable wood panel product with enhanced dimensionally stability, suitable for a wide range of exterior applications such as cladding, façade panelling, fascias, soffits, etc. Medite Tricoya can be cut, machined and installed using techniques and equipment commonly used throughout the building industry and require very low maintenance thereafter. The flexibility of Medite Tricoya offers endless design opportunities so that it can be cut to size, machined, painted, wrapped etc. without impacting on its unique properties. MOISTURE CONTENT Medite Tricoya is supplied with a moisture content of between 3% - 5%. The moisture content of panels at the time of installation should be as close as possible to the inservice moisture content. If a measurement shows a moisture content of 8% or more this may indicate the presence of “free water” and the Medite Tricoya should be allowed to dry before processing, gluing or coating.



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