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1220 X 3050 X 9mm Neatmatch Grooved & Primed MR MDF

10' x 4'

1220 X 3050 X 9mm Neatmatch Grooved & Primed MR MDF

Product Code: 1049mrmdfbb



1220 x 3050 x 9mm Neatmatch Grooved & Primed MR MDF

Neatmatch is the perfect, labour-saving way to cover walls and ceilings giving the appearance of tongue and groove boarding.

Made from MDF, it has an exceptional pre-sanded surface ready to be painted and stained, and is supplied in a variety of panel sizes, making it quick and easy to cover large areas.

Neatmatch is suitable for all sorts of room settings, from commercial to residential interiors, and from storage and recreational rooms through to traditional or contemporary living areas.

The real beauty of Neatmatch however, is perhaps it versatility, as it is available in a variety of bead profiles and centre-to-centre distances, so that the desired look for a room can be easily created.

Neatmatch is ideal for :

  •  Dining rooms
  •  Lounges
  •  Recreation Rooms
  •  Bedrooms
  •  Hallways
  •  Bath Panels
  •  Restaurants
  •  Shops
  •  Offices
  •  Boardrooms

Although Neatmatch wall panelling is extremely popular among the professional trades and experienced woodworkers, it can also be easily used by home DIY enthusiasts using everyday work tools, allowing people to be even more creative in their own home.

Neatmatch has a number of benefits which include :

  • Quick and easy installation, with minimal on-site customisation
  • A selection of edge profiles to hide joins
  • A pre-sanded surface ready to paint and stain
  • A full range of panel sizes and configurations to reduce the number of joints and to ease installation, transport and handling
  • Moisture resistant MDF for kitchens and bathrooms as well as other high humidity environments & Available as pre-primed ready-to-finish panels